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Alpha Update #20
December 14, 2018
Cross-platform multiplayer! Major updates to the Flipside Creator Tools to support multiple face meshes, jaw bones, custom collisions between objects, invisible elements on characters, Unity timelines sync with Flipside recordings, Google Drive links working with slideshow, and more.

Alpha Update #19
November 23, 2018
Teleporter 2.0, Set Builder mode improved snapping, and many bug fixes including more natural thumb positions, Director Mode fixes, eyes in playback, improved foot stepping, menu improvements, and slideshow components all work independently of each other.

Alpha Update #18
October 16, 2018
Show/hide the palette menu, camera movement and easing settings, support for importing Unity's Cinemachine virtual cameras in custom sets, new Featured category under Characters and Sets, and lots of bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Alpha Update #17
September 20, 2018
Animate objects in Director Mode, 360 video support, settings panel for slideshow, teleprompter, Twitch chat and shadows, shadow settings and quality control, desktop view in Flipside, Wolf3D avatar support, screen elements in custom sets, and various fixes.

Alpha Update #16
September 6, 2018
Experimental new Director Mode, animate faces with Unity animations, sync imported animations and audio with Flipside recordings, import custom cameras in sets, trigger events in sets, and tons of bug fixes.

Alpha Update #15
August 9, 2018
New lion and crocodile characters, new vlogger living room set, working clock prop, resizable preview monitors, auto-hide mouse cursor, and several other fixes and improvements.

Alpha Update #14
July 26, 2018
Much improved lip sync timing, handheld camera zoom using the joystick/thumbpad, in-VR camera switcher fixes, other bug fixes.

Alpha Update #13
July 13, 2018
In-VR camera switcher! Fullscreen mode for easier video capture! New "Bones" character! New light prop for dynamic lighting! Minor improvements incl: Up to 3 textures on custom prop imports, lighting fixes on various sets, more accurate button pressing on faster movement, feet feel more natural, and new users no longer have to register before getting into the app.

Alpha Update #12
June 15, 2018
Shared characters and sets! In-VR slideshow and teleprompter controllers! Actor marks for easier setup of shots and knowing where to stand, lots of bug fixes, and our first Flipside contest!

Alpha Update #11
May 18, 2018
New characters! A giraffe, an elephant, and a goblin! Twitch chat panel for interacting with Twitch audiences, improved loading notices and alerts, fixed lip sync playback bug, wonky knees, and hand positioning for Vive users.

Alpha Update #10
May 2, 2018
Import your own custom sets! Realistic hair, cloth, and tail movement. Simplified lip syncing, toggle camera shake, improved teleporter, and many many bug fixes.

Alpha Update #9
April 10, 2018
Import 360 photos as custom skies, improved keyboard camera controls, transparency on imported props, slideshow fixes for real-time streaming, and other fixes.

Alpha Update #8
April 3, 2018
Slideshow plays YouTube, live streams, hand fixes, holding props on start of recordings, Twitter sharing improved, and other bug fixes.

Alpha Update #7
March 27, 2018
Mixed Reality mode (preview), viking props, bug fixes, Oculus controls improved through SteamVR, updated Creator Tools with scale fixes.

Alpha Update #6
March 20, 2018
Stickman characters, character importer movement previews, character importer texture fixes.

Alpha Update #5
March 6, 2018
Major character importer improvements, texture fixes on imported props, three new characters, and other fixes/improvements.

Alpha Update #4
Feb 27, 2018
Two new characters, object highlighting, various bug fixes.

Alpha Update #3
Feb 21, 2018
Slideshow video fixes, eye movement fixes, magic pencil defaults to black, Unity upgrade to project and Creator Tools, minor improvements.

Alpha Update #2
Feb 15, 2018
In-app tutorials added, audio sync fixes, slideshow Dropbox compatibility, redesigned hands, fixes to UI, calibration, character importing, teleporter, and more.

Alpha Update #1
Jan 12, 2018
Create your own characters, HTC Vive Tracker support, handheld camera improvements, many user interface improvements.

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