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Getting started

Everything you need to get up and running with Flipside.

Controller basics

Grabbing objects, teleporting, facial expression controls and more.

Utility belt

Commonly accessed utilities for Flipside creators.


Choosing and getting the most out of Flipside's characters.

Handheld camera

Capture handheld camera shots and even selfies with the handheld camera feature.

What's new

Discover the latest features and changes to Flipside.

Menu overview

A short tour of the Flipside user interface.


Accessing different sets to make your shows on.

Building your set

Dressing (customizing) your sets with props and more in the Flipside set builder.

Recording a show

How to record a show, add and remove parts, live stream a show, and cut to multiple cameras.


Step-by-step guides and videos on an array of topics for all skill levels.

Creator profile

How to use the creator back-end to customize Flipside to meet your needs.

Creator tools

Create and import custom characters using the Flipside Creator Tools.

Tips and tricks

Special features and tips to get the most out of Flipside.

Getting help

How to get help if something goes wrong.

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