We are revolutionizing the world of real-time XR animation and publishing.

The new creative frontier is powered by XR and we give artists the tools they need to make the animated content they want. Whether you are live streaming an animated performance, using XR to speed up your own processes, or you are building the next interactive animated show, Flipside XR has you covered.

Flipside Studio
Real-time animation and motion capture.
Flipside Creator Tools
Create custom content for Flipside Studio.
Flipside Labs
Our in-house production studio.
Flipside Studio Case Study

German broadcaster SuperRTL leveraged the power of Flipside Studio to rapidly prototype Detectiv Fips, a kids show that is currently streaming weekly on Toggo, the largest online kids platform in Germany.

Flipside Labs, our in-house production team, worked closely with SuperRTL to model, rig, and integrate Detective Fips into Flipside Studio. An actor played the role of the lead character and gave life to a new animated kids show.

Before SuperRTL officially greenlit the project they tested it with their target audience and discovered that kids resonated with the performance and character.

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Flipside Creator Tools Case Study

Caffeine Studios produces original content for Caffeine, a live streaming platform focused on audience interaction. Their lofty goal was to produce an hour of original animated content per week with new characters every week and an ever evolving number of sets, vehicles, props, and interactive gags. Oh, and it was all done live.

Sets, characters, and props were integrated into Flipside Studio using Flipside Creator Tools. They took advantage of online libraries from DAZ 3D, Turbo Squid, SketchFab, and Google Poly. They used Unity 3D’s lighting, cameras, shaders, and materials to give the production the look they wanted. They managed to produce 48 episodes in 48 weeks and harnessed the flexibility of the Flipside Creator Tools.

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Flipside Labs Case Study

Pixel Reborn, an Emmy award winning studio, who provides 3D animation for the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL hired Flipside Labs’s motion capture services that were used in an opening video.

Pixel Reborn, Flipside Labs was hired to capture motion capture performances for an opening video for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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