Flipside Features

A robust set of show tools, assets and features
to suit any production - from small to EPIC.

Create and share on your
own Flipside channel

Create your own channel on Flipside and share your unique VR creations with the world. Whether you're an experienced VR creator or just starting out, this is your space to express yourself and showcase your talents.

Browse a public feed
of Flipside content

Discover a world of creativity with our public feed! Browse through a diverse range of spatial recordings, animations, and other VR experiences created by our talented Flipside users for inspiration and collaboration.

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Expressive characters
to give your
production life

Step into character! Pick from pre-loaded characters to act out your scenes.

Collaborate in real time,
locally or remote.

Collaborate from anywhere! Create shows on your own, or work with others in real-time.

Control the action
with easy to use
show tools

Ready. Set. Action! Access Show Tools like cameras, teleprompters, monitors, slideshow & more.

AI helpers

AI’s here to lend a helping hand! Generate scripts and sets to suit your every need.

Record multiple angles simultaneously

You’re limitless in Flipside with multiple camera angles and the ability to shoot in landscape and portrait modes.

Rich sets and props
to set the stage

Set the scene! Choose from pre-loaded sets, scenes and set pieces.

Customize our
tools to meet your
production's needs

Import away! Customize characters, sets, props & effects with our free Unity plug-in, Flipside Creator Tools.

Learn about Flipside Creator Tools