Update #38 - Flipside Studio Release Candidate 1

- by Lux

Please note: This update includes some big changes which we wanted to give everyone time to test out safely and adapt to their projects, so to try it out you'll need to opt into our Beta release channel. Instructions on switching between release channels can be found here.

Flipside Studio

Release Candidate 1 is here

We're excited to announce that today's release on the Flipside Studio beta release channel is our first release candidate for a new stable version of Flipside Studio.

What this means is we're holding off on any major new features to focus on fixes and usability improvements until we feel it's ready to move over to the stable channel for everyone to use. If there are no major issues with this release, we'll move it over (along with any fixes we make in the meantime) to the stable channel after a couple weeks of general use.

Once we go stable, it will also complete our migration from Unity 2017 to 2019, so now's the time to update any assets that haven't been updated to Unity 2019 yet.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed remote users not unloading a recording when it's cartridge is removed from the player.
  • Fixed an error that could occur on users rejoining a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed remote users not always seeing new users in character on first joining.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause ToggleElement components not to properly record their current state at the start of a recording.
  • Fixed the Ghost Mode button not working on the camera switchers while in Set Builder mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Recordings palette to disappear and not refresh itself with newly-added recordings.

Flipside Creator Tools

Click here to download the release candidate of the Flipside Creator Tools (2020.1.0-rc1).


  • Added wrist settings to AvatarModelReferences so you can adjust the wrists to reduce twisting. The new settings let you adjust the Twist Weight, Parent-Child Crossfade, and Twist Angle Offset values. Assigning multiple twist bones is coming soon too.
  • Improvements to our Mixamo auto-import detection and our CC3 expressions.
  • CC3 importer auto-fixes the jaw bone hierarchy on imported models.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing parts of faces with multiple blend shapes mapped to one expression not to move.

A change to our version numbering

With this update, we're also moving to a new calendar versioning-based version numbering system, which is described in more detail here.

This release of both Flipside Studio and Flipside Creator Tools now share the version 2020.1.0-rc1.