Flipside 1.4 is about helping creators gain exposure and get more out of Flipside!

- by Rachael

Featured Channels

We're all about helping Flipside creators reach a wider audience! That's why today's update adds featured channels to the featured content area at the top of the browse menu.

Remixes link to the original post

The hand menu now shows a link to the original post when you're watching a remix. This will help channels gain more exposure, and will help remixable content be more discoverable through their remixes.

Tip and tricks

We've added a rotating list of tips and tricks that are shown when you're waiting for a post or a recording to load. These will help new users get up to speed faster, and may highlight new features for seasoned Flipside users too.

📝Read Our Release Notes 

We've also fixed several bugs related to character scale, walking, and sitting. These fixes make big improvements to multiplayer and playback consistency.

Find all of the information from this update here.

Download the newest version now for your Meta Quest 2 and 3, Rift S, and Pico 4 VR headsets!

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📚Flipside for Education

It's back-to-school time, and we know that instructors are getting geared up to provide future innovators with the skills they need to succeed. Are you an educator interested in using Flipside in the classroom? Join our educators' mailing list and let us know.

🙌Thanks For Your Feedback

Thanks to everyone who notified us of bugs and shared feature requests! We love the ideas and appreciate when you share your feedback.



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