Flipside Alpha Update #8

- by John Luxford

This week's update is focused on bringing you bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Slideshow supports YouTube videos

We've made a big upgrade to the slideshow video playback, and now you can link to YouTube videos, and a wider list of video formats are supported now too.

That's our Flipside Studio trailer, playing in Flipside via YouTube!

Hands, touching hands, reaching ooout...

In the last few releases, your real hands and your character's hands weren't completely aligned. This caused noticeable issues when interacting with props that feel like they're not quite in your hand. We're happy to say we've solved this by adding a little stretchiness to the arms, which works more closely to how our arm system worked in the past.

For characters with really long arms, we've also found that you can run your body calibration sitting down and without fully extending your arms. Then you can act that part while sitting, and your arms will stretch to feel more natural for your character. This is one of the techniques actors use when embodying puppets that don't match their own dimensions, and it's pretty fun too!

Holding props while recording starts

There was a bug that caused props that were being held at the start of a recording to be reset to their original positions on the set. That's been fixed, and now you can grab a prop and have it ready in hand when recording starts.

Twitter photo sharing

Photos weren't showing up in Twitter photo shares, but that's now been fixed. Share on, Wayne!

Misc fixes

  • We've added more error checking to prevent the disappearing menu bug.
  • We've fixed how characters scale, so now you can adjust their size in the Creator Tools and Flipside will apply the correct scale to your characters. Note: Make sure you update to version 0.8 of the Flipside Creator Tools.
  • Playback and physics are now paused when you open the Steam menu or Oculus Dash.