Flipside Alpha Update #13

- by Rachael Hosein

This update is one that many of you have been waiting for! We have some great bug fixes, a new character, and best of all — an in-VR camera controller!!!

In-VR camera switcher

The feature that so many of you have requested is finally here! We now have a camera switcher that lets you control your camera moves and settings in VR. We'll be polishing it up as we go, but figured best to get it in your hands as soon as possible. To access the in-VR camera switcher, press Alt + S on your keyboard.

Fullscreen mode

This mode works hand-in-hand with the in-VR camera switcher. To hide the camera switcher interface that appears on your computer screen, press Alt + S. This will let you record full screen output through OBS and will pop up your in-VR camera switcher.

Meet Bones

We've had this character in the hopper for a while now and figure it's just about time we introduced you to bones, the skeleton version of our first dinosaur character!

Dynamic lights

We've added a new dynamic light prop to the set builder, which you can find under the Show Tools category. The dynamic light lets you place and control your own lighting on any set, and you can even grab them to modify your lighting during your shows!

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Custom imported props now support up to three texture images instead of just one.
  • We've improved the lighting settings on several of the existing sets.
  • Improved accuracy of pressing buttons in VR when moving very fast.
  • Improved the automatic feet movement to feel more natural across more character styles.
  • New users can now use Flipside without having to register for a creator account. When you're ready to use features like the Flipside Creator Tools to add your own characters, sets, props, or to customize your slideshow and teleprompter, just enter your email and we'll email you your new account details.

Congrats to our first contest winner!

A big thanks to everyone who submitted an entry to our very first creator contest. We received some great entries and announced our winner on Friday. Congratulations to our winner Dorothy Jean Thompson (@vrgamedevgirl). Check out her entry below!