Flipside Alpha Update #12

- by Rachael Hosein

This update includes some great new additions - Shared characters and sets, in-VR controllers for the slideshow and teleprompter, actor marks for framing shots and knowing where to stand, numerous bug fixes, and our first Flipside contest!

Download Flipside Studio for free on Oculus Home or Steam.

Shared characters and sets

You may have noticed some additional fields recently added to the website when uploading your characters and sets.  Those of you who have guessed it are right!  Any characters or sets that our creators choose to share are now available for all on the sets and character palettes.

This also means that from now on, more characters and sets are going to be available to everyone, and on an ongoing basis, not just when we update Flipside itself.

Slideshow controller

Controlling your slideshow is now much easier!  We've added a slideshow controller prop that lets you see your current slide, move to your next and previous slides, and jump to the first or last slide.

Teleprompter controller

Similar to the slideshow, we've also added an in-VR controller for your teleprompter!

Actor marks

To help with setting up your shots during set building, we've added an actor mark prop to the show tools palette.  Use the actor mark as a stand in when setting up your cameras and dressing your set.  When recording, the mark will appear as an 'x' on the ground so you know exactly where to stand.  The 'x' works just like the other user interface elements like the palette, they are only visible to you unless you want the user to see it.


  • Fixed a bug where hands were not appearing for some users.
  • Improved our offline support (once you've run it once it should load existing assets, but not everything will work).
  • Fixed actors potentially ending up inside the floor on custom sets.
  • Fixed a bug where recording cartridges could fail to load.
  • Fixed scaling limits on imported props so they're manageable. You can still scale them in-app afterwards.

Contest Time!

With this update, comes the very first Flipside Creator contest!  You could win a $50 Steam Gift Card.  We’ll give you the script and you make a recording using Flipside Studio.

Flipside Skit Contest

Visit the Contests page for more details.