Flipside Alpha Update #14 - Improved lip sync accuracy, camera zoom, and loads of fixes!

- by John Luxford

Hey there Flipsters!

Here's another update we think you're going to love, so let's jump right in!

Much improved lip sync timing!

We spent a ton of time honing our lip syncing and we're finally ready to unleash the results of those efforts. With some clever hacking, Flipside's lip sync responsiveness is now more than double what it was in previous releases!

This is a huge leap forward for improving the quality of Flipside's output, and will make a noticeable difference for everyone.

Use the joystick/thumbpad to zoom on the handheld camera

This is another feature that's been requested several times, and it makes a big difference in using the handheld camera. Just press up/forward to zoom in or down/backward to zoom out. It feels very natural to use.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Remember if you're in fullscreen mode on next launch
  • Improved hand positioning so it's easier to press Stop Recording on Vive
  • Fixed preview cameras rendering too soon and showing inaccurate previews
  • Fixed Play button on in-VR camera switcher not switching to Stop button
  • Fixed character scale differences on the characters palette

Thanks again to all our users. We're working hard to bring a level of polish to everything in Flipside in order to make your productions faster, smoother, and better.

Every week we say this, but we're still just getting started. There's so much coming in time that Flipside is only going to get better and better until it's just the most natural way to create animations, period. So thanks for coming on this journey with us!

The Flipside Team