Flipside Studio 2020.1 Release Candidate 2

- by Lux

Please note: This update includes some big changes which we wanted to give everyone time to test out safely and adapt to their projects, so to try it out you'll need to opt into our Beta release channel. Instructions on switching between release channels can be found here.

Flipside Studio


  • Moved photos taken with the handheld camera to Documents/Flipside Studio/Photos.
  • Increased default gain value on lip syncing to increase expressiveness.
  • DirectShow stays enabled across sessions in the app instead of needing to press Alt+D each time.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed cancelling out of adding a part not stopping playback of the first part.
  • Fixed texture-based face animations over multiplayer.
  • Fixed OBS not connecting if the "Mix/Aux" input source was removed or renamed in OBS.
  • Fixed the virtual camera device not installing if the app isn't installed on C:.
  • Fixed error handling of sets with missing SetInfo component.
  • Fixed the NDI enable/disable option being disconnected.
  • Fixed a camera inconsistency bug caused by incorrectly cloning cameras.
  • Fixed recordings in ghost mode ending as soon as the last prop interaction happens.
  • Fixed handheld camera direction not changing over multiplayer.

Flipside Creator Tools

Click here to download the release candidate of the Flipside Creator Tools (2020.1.0-rc2).


  • Added settings to specify multiple wrist twist bones in AvatarModelReferences.
  • Added the Flipside Creator Tools version number to the Flipside window so it's easier to see which version you're using.
  • Added automatic setup for Daz 3D characters (Genesis 8, older versions to follow), however first you'll need to manually fix the spine bones on the model so that the body settings match the following:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed internal inconsistencies between AvatarModelReferences and FacialExpressionReference.

A change to our version numbering

With this update, we're also moving to a new calendar versioning-based version numbering system, which is described in more detail here.

This release of both Flipside Studio and Flipside Creator Tools now share the version 2020.1.0-rc2.