Flipside Alpha Update #15 - New characters, vlogger set, and loads of improvements

- by John Luxford

Two new characters!

Meet the new Crocodile and Lion characters. Along with our existing Elephant and Giraffe characters, these two round out our jungle characters collection nicely.

A new vlogger set!

We've added a Vlogger Living Room set you can use to quickly make vlog-style recordings. This set is already setup with cameras and everything so you can jump right in and get creating.

Finger pointing for HTC Vive users

HTC Vive users can now press the index finger trigger to switch between open hand and pointing hand poses, making button pressing easier and adding more expressiveness to hands.

Clock prop to see the time

When you're in VR for long you can easily lose track of time. Our new clock prop will help you keep track of time back in the real world.

Resize your preview monitors

We've added the ability to scale preview monitors just like you can with ordinary props. Just grab a monitor with two hands and make it any size you want.

Bug fixes and other smaller improvements

We've also made loads of small fixes and quality of life improvements throughout the app:

  • Auto-hide mouse cursor when it's not moving, so that pesky mouse cursor never ruins a shot again
  • No more jarring perspective change when entering Set Builder mode
  • Flipside will automatically launch OBS Studio if you try to connect before it's running
  • Custom characters no longer require finger or shoulder bones to import properly
  • Fixed visual glitches in our 2D output when changing sets
  • Silenced user interface sounds when recording video or live streaming