Flipside Alpha Update #19 - Teleporter 2.0, set builder snapping, and other fixes

- by John Luxford

Teleporter 2.0

Our new teleporter has been simplified while also providing more information about where you'll end up after teleporting.

You now see a reference for where your head and hands will end up in reference to your VR play space. We kept the one arrow that tells you where the front of your play space will be so users with 180-degree VR configurations can keep themselves oriented to the front of their spaces.

Set Builder mode snapping

We've made major improvements to snapping objects to the tops of surfaces in Set Builder mode, which works on all custom sets with no changes necessary.

The changes improve the way the sides of props are calculated, and how they determine what they should snap to, including surfaces that aren't perfectly flat.

This also paves the way for snapping to walls and ceilings, which is planned for a future update.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Made thumbs feel more natural in their default position
  • Fixed issues with eye rotations - Daz3D characters should now be fully compatible!
  • Fixed issues with prop interactions, both in acting and Director Mode
  • Fixed eyes in playback being affected by the handheld camera and other eye targets
  • Improved throwing away objects over your shoulder in Set Builder Mode, preventing occasional accidental deletions
  • Removed logic for detaching held objects if they're too far from the user's hand
  • Added a "Keep this take? Yes/No" dialog after recording so you don't have to wait for bad takes to upload
  • Hiding Next/Previous buttons on palette when there are no next or previous items
  • Added a button to the 2D camera switcher to toggle the visibility of UI elements
  • Improved foot stepping to feel a little more natural for all characters
  • Slideshow components (slideshow, slideshow controller, and screen elements in imported sets) now all work independently
  • More feedback and more streamlined Vive tracker connection process