Flipside Update #30 - Save your setups

- by Lux

Please note: This update is only available for those who are part of our multiplayer beta. If you're looking to collaborate on a show or just want some of the other goodies, sign up for the multiplayer beta here. We're working hard to quickly get these updates back into the general release branch so everyone can enjoy them, but that's still an update or two away.

Save your setups

Save multiple versions of your setup of any set, letting you jump back to that configuration at any time.

To save a setup, look on the underside of the Sets or Set Builder palettes and press the Save Setup button.

To go back to a saved setup, go to the My Sets category of the Sets palette and grab the setup you want to restore.

A saved setup consists of:

  • The set
  • The sky
  • Prop placements
  • Actor marks
  • Camera placements
  • Slideshows, teleprompters, and other show tools

Smoothing on all characters

Previously, Flipside Studio would smooth movement on playback and for remote users over multiplayer, but not for the local user. This lead to jittery movement in live streams.

With this update, all characters have the same smoothing applied, regardless of where they came from.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Set configuration storage was overhauled to fix cases where the settings could be too large (e.g., on sets with many props)
  • Fixed multiplayer prop interactions when multiple users are in ghost mode
  • Desktop switcher usability and consistency improvements
  • Added support for Google Drive's new shared link format in slideshow links
  • Fixed cache path name conflicts in Google Drive slideshow links
  • Fixed animations not always getting triggered on playback
  • Fixed highlighting on UI visibility and ghost mode buttons on both camera switchers
  • Fixed cartridge finishing loading when inserted while syncing in the background
  • Improved snapping of objects to surfaces in Set Builder mode
  • Fixed issues with ghost mode over multiplayer
  • Improved timing calculation for remote user data in host recordings
  • Privacy and security improvements in our API