desktop mirror

Desktop mirror

The desktop mirror let you see your Windows desktop in Flipside Studio. You can use this to stream your live gameplay in Flipside, or to show the output of any app running on your desktop.

Like the slideshow, there are two types of desktop mirror:

  • A resizable window, visible to you as well as to cameras
  • A grabbable panel menu, visible only to you

Follow these steps to enable this experimental feature:

  1. On the 2D camera switcher, click on the Settings icon, select the General tab, then for the Desktop Mirror in Show Tools option, choose Desktop Mirror Enabled.
  2. In Flipside, go to the Set Builder palette, select the Show Tools category and pull the desktop viewer from page two of the available show tools into your set.

Important notes

  • If the app crashes when you load the Show Tools menu with the desktop mirror enabled, restart Flipside and disable the desktop mirror in your general settings.
  • The desktop mirror will not mirror your desktop over multiplayer. Others will see their desktop mirrored instead of yours.


The desktop mirror is incompatible with computers that have discrete on-chip GPUs, which are most often found in laptops.

As a workaround, if you're using Oculus desktop you can use Oculus Dash to pin windows which will then be visible to you while in Flipside Studio. Unfortunately, these windows will not be visible to cameras.

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