Flipside tokens

Tokens are the virtual currency of Flipside. They provide a way to pay for virtual goods or premium features, but more importantly, they provide a way for creators to generate revenue from their Flipside content.

Our mission is to help creators build sustainable channels where they can earn real money from their content. That's why we're introducing creator payouts from day 1 in our token system. When you reach the payout threshold, visit the Flipside Creator Portal and click on the Request Payout button. It's that easy.

Where to buy tokens

You can buy tokens in Flipside under the Tokens tab on the dashboard menu, or on the Tokens page of the Flipside Creator Portal website.

Tokens dashboard screen

Other ways to earn tokens

We run contests periodically where you can win tokens. We will also be awarding tokens for other achievements and activities in Flipside once we launch our achievements system, so stay tuned for that too.

Token purchase rates

Pricing Tokens
$4.99 2,500
$9.99 5,500
$19.99 12,000
$49.99 35,000

All prices shown are in USD.

Seeing your transaction history

You can see your transaction history under the Tokens tab on the dashboard menu, or on the Tokens page of the Flispide Creator Portal website.

Buying items with tokens

When an item is for sale in Flipside, a Buy icon will appear over it like this:

Tokens buy button

Hovering over the item will show the amount of tokens that the item costs to buy.

Click on the item and you will be prompted to pay for it with tokens from your account balance. If you do not have enough tokens, there will be an option to buy more tokens in order to complete the purchase.

Tipping creators

You can send tokens to creators in the form of tips. To do so, go to their channel and click on the Send {username} a tip button. You will be prompted to choose the tip amount you want to send. If you do not have enough tokens, there will be an option to buy more tokens in order to send the tip.

We will be introducing more ways for creators to earn tokens over time.

Requesting a payout

You can request a payout by visiting the Flipside Creator Portal and clicking on the Request Payout button. You will be asked to select the payout amount based on your available token balance and to enter the email address associated with your PayPal account. This is where we will send your payment.

Tokens request payout

Please note that payments can take up to 48 hours to be processed.

Payouts can be requested in increments of 200,000 tokens which are paid out at the rate of $150 USD, so 400,000 tokens equals $300 USD and so on. This works out to an average breakdown of the following in terms of money distribution:

Tokens breakdown

This is not an exact breakdown because not all tokens are worth the same amount. There is a discount for purchasing tokens in larger quantities, but tokens can also be awarded as contest prizes and through achievements, and tokens that were not backed by a purchase can still be cashed out for real money.

Other questions about tokens

If we haven't answered a question you have about tokens, please let us know through our contact form and we will get back to you with an answer.

Our mission is to help creators earn revenue from their work in Flipside, and we want creators to feel confident in the system we've built for them to do so.

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