actor marks

Actor marks

Flipside Studio supports both standing and sitting actor marks that you can drag and drop from the Show Tools menu anywhere you want on your sets.

Actors will see a T-shaped mark on the floor where you place a standing mark. Sitting marks are invisible, but are usually attached to a chair model so actors already know there's a place to sit.

When an actor aims their teleporter at an actor mark, the teleporter will lock onto the actor mark. When they press the trigger to teleport, they'll reappear on their marks, ready to go.


Stand-ins let you create actor marks with a posed character attached. These are useful not just for setting up actor marks, but also for getting your camera angles just right ahead of time, without needing actors to be present while you set them up.

As a bonus, when an actor teleports into a stand-in, Flipside Studio will automatically put them in the right character, ready to go.

To create a stand-in, get into the character you want to pose, turn the Characters menu upside down and press the Pose button under the Stand-Ins heading. You'll hear a 3-second countdown, giving you time to get into the pose you want.

You can also create multiple stand-ins at a time if you're connected over multiplayer. Any user who's in character when the Pose button is pressed will become a stand-in. Any user who is invisible will be skipped.

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