The slideshow props let you add and control a slideshow on your set. You can set which images or videos are shown on the slideshow by pasting a list of image and video links in your Flipside creator dashboard, or under the Settings button in the desktop camera switcher.

The slideshow prop is found in the Show Tools category in the Set Builder.

To add images or videos to the slideshow, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Flipside website to access your creator profile.
  2. Click on the Slideshow link. This will bring you to the page where you can add the links to the images/videos you want in your slideshow.
  3. Paste the links for your images/videos in the text field. Make sure to start each link on it’s own line.
  4. Press the Save button. Now your images/videos will be loaded when you add a slideshow to your set in Flipside.
Show tools


Once your images/video links are added to the Flipside website, select the Show Tools category from the Set Builder palette in Flipside to add the slideshow.

Controlling the slideshow

The slideshow can be controlled with your keyboard or by using the slideshow controller prop found in the Show Tools category of the Set Builder palette.

To control your slidshow with your keyboard:

To go to the next image/video in your slideshow, press the right arrow key.

To go to the previous image/video in your slideshow, press the left arrow key.

To control your slideshow with the slideshow controller prop, follow these steps:

  1. Once the slideshow prop is in your scene, go back to the Show Tools category of the Set Builder palette.
  2. Pull the slideshow controller prop into your scene,
  3. Use the next (>), previous (<), first slide, and last slide buttons to control the slideshow.

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