Saving your setups

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Once you've finished dressing your set and setting up your cameras, you can save a snapshot of your setup that you can go back to at any time.

A saved setup consists of:

  • The set
  • The sky
  • Prop placements
  • Actor marks
  • Camera placements
  • Slideshows, teleprompters, and other show tools

How to save your setup

Press the Save Setup button found on the underside of the Sets or Set Builder palette. Flipside will confirm that you want to save your current setup. When it's done saving your setup, Flipside will let you know the name of your new setup.

Save Setup button

Finding and loading a saved setup

To go back to a saved setup, go to the My Sets category on the Sets palette. Saved setups will appear with reversed colours and the setup name and date under the original set name.

Saved setup card

Grab the saved setup card from the palette and press the index finger trigger button to load a saved setup.

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