mixed reality mode

Mixed Reality mode

Note: Mixed Reality mode is only supported on the HTC Vive at this time.

Mixed Reality mode lets you incorporate green screened actors and other real world elements into your Flipside video output. It does this by aligning an HTC Vive Tracker with a real-world camera, so that footage from both sources can be combined.




Camera tracker calibration

The first step is to attach the Vive Tracker to your camera. Once attached, you can use the LIV VIVR app to calibrate the position and rotation offset between the Vive Tracker and your camera. This helps align your real and virtual cameras.

Once you've run through the VIVR setup, VIVR will have generated an externalcamera.cfg file for you. Copy this file into your SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Flipside folder so that Flipside Studio can read your camera configuration data.

You can also enter the contents of this file into the LIV Client app under Camera > Edit > Calibration as an optional step.

Starting Mixed Reality mode

Once you have your camera calibration completed, launch the LIV Client app through Steam. Select Flipside Studio from the list of available applications in the LIV Client, and this will start Flipside Studio.

Once Flipside Studio has loaded, turn the palette over and you should see a Mixed Reality Mode button. Click that to begin Mixed Reality mode.

Next, you'll be asked to select which Vive Tracker is attached to your camera. They will appear as color-coded trackers in the scene. Just press the button that matches the color of the tracker attached to your camera.

You should now be in Mixed Reality mode. You can exit this mode at any time by pressing the Exit button. You can also choose to show or hide your character in this mode, all on the underside of the Recordings menu.

Cameras in Mixed Reality mode

You'll see that your computer monitor output from Flipside is now split into four parts. On the left, you'll see your foreground and background output. On the top-right, you'll see a black and white layer that helps separate what should be included in the foreground and background output.

On the bottom-right, you'll see the regular Flipside Studio camera output. Using the number keys on your keyboard, you can use this to cut between the other cameras in Flipside to capture regular output alongside the mixed reality capture.

Re-calibrating your other Vive Trackers

If you have additional Vive Trackers that you want to use to track your lower body, follow the full-body tracking instructions after you've entered Mixed Reality mode, so that Flipside Studio knows to exclude the camera tracker from the list of body trackers.


If you don't see the Mixed Reality button on the underside of the Recordings palette, double-che ck the following things:

  1. Make sure your Vive Tracker is turned on before launching Flipside Studio.
  2. Make sure the externalcamera.cfg file is in the same folder as the Flipside - HTC Vive.exe file in your Steam library.
  3. Make sure you're on the Recordings palette, since the options change depending on the palette that's active.
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