How to record more than one part

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Once you’ve completed a recording, you can change into another character, teleport to another spot, and record a second part. This allows you to create recordings with multiple performances.

To record a show with multiple characters, follow these steps:

  1. Record a show with your first character.
  2. Go to the Characters palette and choose another character.
  3. Move to a different spot in your scene (this will prevent both characters standing in the same spot).
  4. Go to the Recordings palette. If the cartridge with the recording of your first character isn’t loaded, load it by placing it into the player slot.
  5. Press the Add Part button on the Recordings palette. You will enter the scene with your first character and will be prompted with ‘3, 2, 1 Action’.
  6. Act as your second character. The recording will automatically end. You will see that on your Recordings palette when you have this show loaded in, there are now two character parts associated with this recording.

Important note: Currently, the first character of your recording determines the length of the recording.

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