Cutting cameras

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In both the camera sitcher on your computer screen and in VR, all of your camera views will appear on the right side of the interface.

The main area shows your active camera. This is the area that should be captured in OBS Studio. See Setting up OBS Studio.

Using the camera switcher

There are two ways to live edit in Flipside, using the camera switcher that appears on your computer screen or using the in-VR camera switcher.

You can hide the desktop camera switcher and enter fullscreen mode by pressing Alt + F or clicking the fullscreen icon.

You can find the in-VR camera switcher in the Show Tools prop category.

Computer screen

To switch to a different camera using the camera switcher on your computer screen, click on the camera thumbnail on the right side of the screen.


The in-VR camera switcher works a little differently from the camera switch on your computer screen. It allows you to queue your next camera so you can have it set for when you’re ready to transition from the current camera to the next.

Your active camera will show up in the main preview area and have a green highlight over the camera number on the camera thumbnail on the right side of the switcher.

To queue up your next camera, click on on that camera’s thumbnail.

To switch cameras, click on the cut or move button depending on what type of transition you want.

Camera transitions

There are two types of camera transitions you can select, cut and move.

Cut will switch from one camera to another.

Move will move the camera from the current position to the selected position.

Live to tape with OBS

If you are working by yourself, you can perform a live edit to your recording after the fact. Once you complete your recording you can play it back on the Live Edit screen and make edits. You can even adjust your camera angles after you are finished recording if you feel like a different camera angle would improve the quality of your show. If you are working with a production assistant, they can perform live edits while you preform. These are saved to the hard drive using OBS or any screen capture software of you choice.

Streaming with OBS

You can enable streaming in Flipside and OBS will stream your display. If you are streaming by yourself it will be difficult to cut to different camera angles. We recommend you choose your favourite camera angle or stream your POV (press U + 1 on the keyboard to choose user 1's POV). We recommend having a helper or a production assistant control the live edit so you can focus on performing for your fans. We are working to make this functionality work for solo creators in the future.

Single take recordings with OBS

For the most flexibility in the post-production process you can record your show in Flipside and then use OBS to capture each camera angle one at a time. This way you have every angle of your show available for post production. This works great when you are editing with software like Adobe Premiere or iMovie.

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