menu overview

Menu overview

Floating palette menu

Flipside's main menu interface is a floating palette. You can grab the palette on either side to move it where you want and it will stay there when you let go, and it will keep itself within reach as you move and teleport around your sets.

Floating palette menu


The main menu is found along the bottom of the floating palette menu.

From left-to-right, the options include:

Record icon

Recordings palette

Go here to record and watch your shows. See Recording a show.

Characters icon

Characters palette

Your show will need characters. We have characters you can choose from or you can import your own. See Characters.

For more on importing your own custom characters, see Flipside Creator Tools or contact us.

Sets icon

Sets palette

This is where you can start a new set or access your saved sets. When creating a new set you can choose from a set that is dressed and ready to go or start with an empty room. See Sets.

Coming soon: Importing your own custom sets using the Flipside Creator Tools.

Set builder icon

Set builder palette

This is where you get your set ready to record. Dress your set and position your cameras. See Building your set.

Set builder icon

Friends palette

Invite your friends to act with you.

Important note: This feature is is only available for those who have opted into the multiplayer beta. You can access the Friends palette, but it’s not functional.

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