creator profile

Creator profile

The Flipside website provides a number of features that allow you to further customize your Flipside experience. These are all available through your creator profile page at the following link:

Your Flipside creator profile page includes:

Your Flipside Creator ID

Used to associate the custom characters and sets created through the Flipside Creator Tools with your account.

Custom props

Upload your own custom props as 3D models from any program. See How to import props.

Custom characters

Upload your own custom characters created with the Flipside Creator Tools.

Custom sets

Upload your own custom sets created with the Flipside Creator Tools.

Enter links to photos and videos for use in Flipside's slideshow feature. See Slideshow.

Teleprompter text

Enter your script for use in Flipside's teleprompter feature. See Teleprompter.

Creator community

A place where Flipside creators can report bugs, learn from each other, and share your ideas and creations with the community.

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