full-body tracking

Full-body tracking

Note: Full-body tracking is only supported on the HTC Vive at this time.

To track your full body, Flipside supports HTC's Vive Trackers. These are used to provide additional tracking points for your feet and hips.

The following configurations are supported:

  • 2 Vive Trackers: Feet
  • 3 Vive Trackers: Feet and waist

To use the trackers, you will need to strap or clip them to your feet and waist. We recommend the Rebuff Reality Trackstrap for foot straps.

Positioning the trackers

Foot trackers should be worn on the tops of your feet, and should fit reasonably snugly to avoid shaking when you take steps.

The waist tracker should be clipped to your belt or pants, either on the front or back, and in the middle of your body.

Using the trackers

Once you have your Vive Trackers paired to your Vive system, turn them on and attach them to your body. You should see a green light on each tracker when it is ready.

Next, Launch Flipside and select the Characters palette. Grab the palette and turn it upside down. Press the Connect Trackers button on the underside of the palette and follow the calibration instructions.

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