Flipside Studio changelog

Flipside Studio Changelog


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing hands not to work using Flipside Studio on Oculus Quest via Oculus Link
  • Fixed an issue loading sets with different names but matching asset bundle labels
  • Fixed an issue loading corrupted cached set downloads, also provides error notice with option to retry
  • Fixed an issue causing errors in ScreenElement components on sets
  • Fixed an issue causing the teleprompter to be visible to cameras
  • Fixed an issue with the handheld camera going out of sync over multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with props without gravity drifting over multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with prop center of mass being affected by characters with body physics
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect scaling of generated colliders on PropElement objects with no collider
  • Vehicle component now finds all teleport targets that are children of it
  • Fixed some parts not appearing sitting in chairs on playback
  • Prevented ghost mode or build mode users from sticking to teleport targets such as chairs or actor marks
  • Fixed pitch issue in the UI sound effects
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