Installing Flipside Studio

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Installing Flipside Studio

Flipside Studio is now available for free on Steam Early Access.

Flipside Studio is now available for free on Oculus Early Access.

Once you launch Flipside, you will be prompted to enter your email. This will create a creator account for you on the Flipside website ( and send you a verification email.

Your Flipside creator account lets you upload custom props and other functionality, and also access the Flipside Creator Community.

Third party tools

Open Broadcaster Software

Flipside uses OBS Studio and its obs-websocket plugin to capture video output, including live streaming to YouTube, Twitch, and others.

For more information, see Setting up OBS Studio.

Windows Media Feature Pack

Some versions of Windows don't include all of the necessary video codecs. If you have trouble seeing video playback in the slideshow or tutorial, you may need to install the Windows Media Feature Pack.

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