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Flipside Studio 2023.1.2

- by Rachael

A sharing tutorial, new assets, and audio bug squashing!

📹 Sharing Tutorial

You’ve made it, now share it! Learn how to get your content out of Flipside Studio so you can share it on social media, in presentations, and more!

🐶 New assets!

New assets are here! With the newest update of Flipside Studio, you’ll find great new characters and a fun set. 

Give our new "cute pup" character pack a try. We can’t wait to see what you create with four new cute pups and a dog park set! 🐕🐩

👋 User Feature

The Flipside XR team loves seeing what you #MadeInFlipside! Feel free to use the hashtag and tag @FlipsideXR in your creations!

Thanks David aka Democratize XR for this great idea of using real world locations in Flipside Studio! See how he uses lidar scans to create a set to use in the app!

🔖 What’s included in this Flipside Studio update?

Looping audio resolved: If you used the spatial audio setting and heard looping audio, the issue has been resolved!

Ability to delete avatars: If you’ve been creating your own Ready Player Me avatars through the Characters menu, you now have the option of deleting any character you no longer need. 

Stand-in fix: Did you create a character stand-in, but no character showed up? The issue has been fixed and character stand-ins are working properly. 

Read our release notes here.

Thanks to everyone who notified us of bugs! 


Thanks to everyone who shared feature requests! We love the ideas!

Connect with community

We’d love to welcome you to the Flipside Studio Community Discord channel where you can connect with other creators, share your #MadeInFlipside creations, submit feature requests, and share bug reports.

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