Reflections on our first year in the Quest app store

- by Lux

It's been one year since we officially launched on the Meta Quest app store, and what a year it's been!

Our user base has grown to over 50,000 creators who've made over 160,000 spatial recordings. We're sincerely grateful for every one of our users as well as the positive reviews and messages of encouragement you've sent us. Those words and the content you're making and sharing keep our team motivated every day to make Flipside the best we can make it, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here are some of the highlights we've had over the past year:

Flipside software updates

Since launch, we've released 14 software updates, including some major new features including:

  • AI script and dialog generator, powered by ChatGPT
  • AI set generator, powered by Blockade Labs
  • Speech-to-text for easier text input
  • Joystick-based walking
  • Flipside channels and publishing
  • Remixing posts and editing recordings
  • Direct messages and sharing posts
  • Flipside tokens and creator tips

Characters, props, and sets

We've substantially expanded the list of built-in characters, props, and sets to now include hundreds of options.

We launched with a library of 55 characters, 49 sets, and 330 props. We now have 111 characters, 69 sets, and too many props to count.

And of course, you can always create custom characters through our Ready Player Me integration, custom sets with our Blockade Labs integration, or use our Flipside Creator Tools plugin for Unity to import your own custom characters, sets, and props. Sky's the limit!

Launching on Pico VR

We've expanded beyond the Meta app stores to include support for Pico 4 headsets too.

Download Flipside on Pico VR

New direction

We've changed the name of our app from Flipside Studio to simply Flipside, emphasizing that Flipside is now a metaverse social media platform for next-gen creators to be able to share their spatial recordings directly with their fans.

Our vision is to build a metaverse powered by imagination, and to democratize the creation of spatial and immersive content so that anyone with an idea can bring that idea to life and share it with the world.

We believe this is the missing piece of the metaverse, enabling real-time content creation so that you just act things out and they're instantly ready to share.

Read more about this new direction here

Content highlights

As more and more creators publish to Flipside, we want to highlight some of our favourites here for you.