Flipside is a social media platform built on pure imagination

- by Lux

By Lux (Flipside's CEO & Co-Founder)

What if you were to combine social media with a virtual TV studio? The results would be a social media platform focused on pure imagination and hyper creativity. Sounds crazy, but it makes total sense in the metaverse.

And that is exactly what Flipside is, the first social media platform built on a foundation of pure imagination. You can think of it as the TikTok of immersive entertainment, or like stepping inside of a content creator’s mind.

Why the need for a new social media platform for the metaverse?

Because the thinking that’s gone into existing metaverses is too limited to the original vision of what a metaverse is, which makes great fodder for science fiction, but isn’t a complete vision of what that could look like. It’s missing real-time content creation at the heart of it all, which is exactly where Flipside comes in.

Spatial computing empowers a level of real-time content creation never seen before. Instead of animating frame by frame, or building interactivity in a game engine, now you just become a character on a virtual set, and your words and movements become the performance. When you press save, the recording is done. That fast.

Next-gen creators

We’re seeing the emergence of what we call next-gen creators. Creators who are XR native and spatial first. Who feel perfectly themselves embodying an avatar and who understand that identity is something that can shift and morph even from moment to moment. Who step through virtual worlds as fluidly as stepping through a door. The inventors and discoverers of what’s possible in this new spatial computing paradigm.

And we know audiences have been dreaming of the idea of being able to jump inside of the content they’re seeing, from Mary Poppins and gang jumping inside of a chalk drawing, or Alice falling down the rabbit hole long before that.

So here’s our tribute to next-gen creators and their fans. We’ll be there watching your creations and celebrating the vision you bring to the birth of a new space for imagination and endless creativity.

Welcome to Flipside.