Attaching a ToggleElement instead of a ColliderElement works the same way but keeps track of its on/off state so you can do things like turn a light on/off with repeated button presses.

ToggleElement has the following properties to control its behaviour:

  • InitiaState (On/Off) - Control whether it should start in an Off (default) or On state.

In addition to the OnEnter/OnExit events that it inherits from ColliderElement, ToggleElement adds the following additional Unity event triggers:

  • OnActivated - Do something when the element enters its On state.
  • OnDeactivated - Do something when the element enters its Off state.

You can also trigger the toggle to change state by a Unity event in the Inspector using the following methods:

  • ToggleState() - Toggle the current state, triggering either OnActivated or OnDeactivated.
  • ToggleOn() - Set the state to on, triggering OnActivated only if the state was off when this was called.
  • ToggleOff() - Set the state to off, triggering OnDeactivated only if the state was on when this was called.

All other options are identical to ColliderElement.

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