SetInfo is the component that is used to define custom sets. It is the only required component on a set, and should be placed on the root object in the set's scene. It is usually added automatically for you when you choose Flipside Creator Tools / Create Set or Flipside Creator Tools / Create Set From Current Scene.

SetInfo has the following properties you can customize:

  • Set Name - The name of your set.
  • Attributeion - Attribution text for your set.
  • Root Object - The root object in your set, which is usually auto-assigned and generally shouldn't be modified.
  • Audience - The Audience component in your set.
  • Sky ID - The ID of a sky in Flipside's backend. You can upload your own skies as equirectangular 360 photos, or choose from one of the built-in sky options.
  • Lighting Mode - Sets the environment lighting source to use (skybox, trilight, flat, or custom).
  • Flat Ambient Light Color - The color to affect the environment lighting if flat lighting mode is chosen.
  • Trilight Ambient Colours - The sky, equator, and ground colors to affect the environment lighting if trilight lighting mode is chosen.
  • Ambient Intensity - The intensity of the ambient light.

You'll also see a Resource Usage section at the bottom of the SetInfo component, which provides you with info about the resources that your set will use in Flipside Studio, as well as recommended limits for PC and mobile VR platforms.

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