This component lets you build prop kits that can be imported into Flipside Studio independently from sets. After publishing, you'll find the props from your kit under Props > Imported in Flipside Studio.

PropKit component

A kit is a list of prefabs that each have the PropElement component on them, along with a name and optional thumbnail to use to display the prop in Flipside Studio's prop menu.

See the Example-PropKit scene in the Flipside Creator Tools under Assets/FlipsideCreatorTools/Examples for an example prop kit. Note that, like characters and sets, you can press play in the Unity editor with a prop kit scene open and test the props in action. The A and X buttons on your controllers will toggle between the props, with one at a time appearing on a stand in front of you ready for testing.

Props in kits can be fully interactive and can have effects attached to them as well, making them flexible for a wide range of uses from simple grabbable objects to full custom user interfaces.

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