Attach a PropElement component to any object to make it act like a prop that you can pick up.

PropElement has the following properties to control its behaviour:

  • Gravity (On/Off) - Control whether the object has gravity applied to it or whether it should float in the air.

PropElement has the following Unity event triggers:

  • OnBeginInteraction - The user picked up the object.
  • OnUseButtonDown - The user pressed the trigger button while holding the object.
  • OnUseButtonUp - The user released the trigger button while holding the object.
  • OnEndInteraction - The user let go of the object.

PropElement component

You'll also notice that when you add a PropElement component, a NavMeshModifier is also added for you automatically with its Ignore From Build setting checked. This ensures that props don't cause issues with your teleport area.

Note: Props brought in as part of a set behave a little differently than props imported via Prop kits. They don't appear in the Props palette, but rather where you placed them in the set itself, however you can move them around in Flipside Studio and it will remember their new location, as well as in saved setups. However, you can't remove them from the set, or add more instances of them like you can with imported props.

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