Positions an audio playback location on set that, when triggered, uses Flipside's AudioSource pool so you can use a larger number of audio sources without hitting Unity's limits.

PooledAudioElement component

Basic options:

  • Audio Clips - A list of preset clips that can be played by calling PlayOneShot(index).
  • Auto-Play Clip - A clip from the list to auto-play. Default is -1, which means don't auto-play.
  • Loop - Should playback loop? Default is false.
  • Volume - The audio volume. Default is 1.
  • Override Audio Source - An optional individual AudioSource to use instead of using a pooled source.

Spatialization options:

  • Spatialized - Whether to spatialize the audio or not. Default is true.
  • Gain - Gain to apply to the spatialized audio. Default is 0.
  • Near - Near attenuation distance. Default is 0.25 meters.
  • Far - Far attenuation distance. Default is 100 meters.
  • Volumetric Radius - An optional volumetric radius. Default is 0.
  • Reverb Send Level - An optional reverb send level. Default is 0.

PooledAudioElement supports most of the same methods as AudioSource, but adds a convenience methods for setting the volume so you can control it more easily via Unity's event system.

Available methods:

  • Play() - Play the first audio clip in the list.
  • Play(index) - Play the specified audio clip from the list.
  • Play(clip) - Play a specific audio clip. Note: The clip does not have to be in the list.
  • PlayOneShot() - Play the first audio clip in the list as a one-shot.
  • PlayOneShot(index) - Play the specified audio clip from the list as a one-shot.
  • PlayOneShot(clip) - Play a specified audio clip as a one-shot. Note: The clip does not have to be in the list.
  • Pause() - Pause the audio source.
  • UnPause() - Resume playing the audio source.
  • Stop() - Stop the audio source.
  • SetVolume(volume) - Set the volume of the audio source.
  • SubtractVolume(sub) - Subtract the specified amount from the audio source volume.
  • AddVolume(add) - Add the specified amount to the audio source volume.

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