Interactivity in Flipside Creator Tools can take many forms. Some components introduce different interaction types, such as PropElement making an object grabbable, or GunElement making a prop able to shoot things. Others let you combine components and events to build up more complex interactivity yourself without writing custom code.

Unity events

Unity events are a way of attaching new behaviours through the Unity editor that get triggered when something happens inside of a component. They provide the ability to extend the behaviour of a component without writing custom code.

Most of the Flipside Creator Tools custom components include Unity events that can be used to trigger additional behaviours in your scene when something happens in those component.

To trigger something connected to an event, drag that component into the event in Unity's Inspector window, then select the method to call on that component when the event occurs.

Interacting with Flipside Studio

We also include the ability to interact with some of the internal Flipside Studio features through the FlipsideActions component. This lets you trigger camera moves, change sets or skies, control the slideshow and more, through any Unity event in your custom sets.

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