version numbering

Version Numbering

Beginning with the first Flipside Studio release candidate in 2020, we are moving to a Calendar Versioning, or CalVer, numbering system and keeping versions in sync across our suite of products.

Let's look at an example


This breaks down into the following elements:

  • 2020 - The year of the release.
  • 1 - The minor release number within the year, starting at one.
  • 0 - The patch number for the update, starting at zero which means no patch.
  • rc1 - The release stage suffix, in this case denoting that this is "release candidate number one".

Each beta that follows a stable release will increment either the year or the minor release number, depending on whether the beta falls in or close to a new calendar year or not.

Patch numbers only increase after a release is marked -stable. Prior to that, the beta or release candidate number is denoted after the release stage suffix, e.g., -beta1, -beta2, etc.

Valid suffixes include -alpha#, -beta#, -rc#, and -stable, although in practice alpha releases are internal only.

More examples

Here are a series of examples as the version numbers increment with new updates:

  • 2020.1.0-beta1
  • 2020.1.0-beta2
  • 2020.1.0-beta3
  • 2020.1.0-rc1
  • 2020.1.0-rc2
  • 2020.1.0-stable
  • 2020.1.1-stable
  • 2020.1.2-stable
  • 2020.2.0-beta1 or 2021.1.0-beta1
  • Etc.
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