adding movement to hair, cloth, and tails

Adding movement to hair, cloth, and tails

Flipside supports the ability to add natural physical movement to hair, cloth, and extra limbs such as tails on characters using a 3rd party plugin called Dynamic Bone.

Adding dynamic bones

Here is a quick overview of how to integrate Dynamic Bone into your custom Flipside characters.

1. You will need to own a copy of the Dynamic Bone asset to use this integration.

2. Import the Dynamic Bone asset into your Flipside Creator Tools unity project.

3. Add the DynamicBone component to the root of your character.

Dynamic Bone Step 3

4. Navigate in the Hierarchy to the root of your bones you want animated. Add that root object to the Root field in the DynamicBone component.

Dynamic Bone Step 4

At this point you should be able to play the scene, and see the bones reacting the movements.

5. Adjust the values in the DynamicBone component until you are content with the look.

Keep in mind that any changes made while Unity is playing will be lost when you stop it. To keep the changes you make while playing do the following:

1. Right click the DynamicBone component and click Copy Component.

Dynamic Bone Step 4

2. Stop playing the scene.

3. Right click the DynamicBone component and click Paste Component Values.

Dynamic Bone Step 4

6. You are finished! At this point you can build your character by clicking Rebuild Character Bundle.

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