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Flipside Creator Tools can turn just about any object on a virtual set into a custom prop that you can use in your shows. Props help bring a set to life by making it so characters can interact with the set.

Interactions with props are handled through the PropElement component, and can be broken down into three types:


Grabbing is the act of picking up a prop, which begins an interaction between a character and the selected prop. Catching a ball would be considered grabbing it as it comes towards you.

Grab events trigger an OnBeginInteraction event that you can use to attach additional behaviour that happens whenever a prop is grabbed.


Using a prop means pressing the index finger trigger on your controller while holding a prop. Shooting a gun would be an example of using a prop.

Events can triggered when you press the trigger down or when you release the trigger, using the OnUseButtonDown and OnUseButtonUp events, respectively.


The opposite of grabbing, releasing lets go of a prop and ends listening for other types of interactions on it. Throwing, dropping, or putting an object down are all considered release events.

Release events trigger an OnEndInteraction event that you can use to attach additional behaviour that happens when a pop is dropped. This is often used to reset or disable things that were enabled during a grab or use event.

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