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The following tutorials will show you how to find your way around Flipside's user interface.

Using the palette and quick menu


Recording a show

The following tutorials will guide you through the process of recording a show in Flipside.

Recording performances


Using the handheld camera to create video


Using live edit mode to create multi-camera output


Using OBS to record video of or live stream your show



The following tutorials show you how to get the most out of your characters in Flipside, including height calibration, using HTC Vive Trackers, and more.

Choosing characters, height calibration and Vive Trackers


Creator Tools

The following tutorials guide you through using the Flipside Creator Tools to import your own characters and sets into Flipside.

Using the Flipside Creator Tools


Using Adobe Mixamo to rig a character


Preparing an Adobe Fuse model for Flipside Studio

Importing custom sets into Flipside


Customizing your sets

The following tutorials show you how to use Flipside's Set Builder to customize the prop and camera placements on your sets.

Using the set builder: part 1


Using the set builder: part 2


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