Create, remix, and publish immersive content with the latest Flipside Studio update!

- by Rachael

Flipside Studio 2023.2 is here, and it’s a new era in immersive creation! 🎉

This update allows creators to perform, publish, and share immersive content in VR. We’re excited to see you and your creations on your channel!  Check out what you can do now with Flipside Studio!

Create and Share on Your Own Flipside Channel 🎥

Create your own channel on Flipside and share your unique VR creations with the world. Whether you're an experienced VR creator or just starting out, this is your space to express yourself and showcase your talents. We can’t wait to see what you perform, publish, and share!

Browse a Public Feed of Flipside Content 🌐

Discover a world of creativity with our public feed! Browse through a diverse range of spatial recordings, animations, and other VR experiences created by our talented Flipside users for inspiration and collaboration.

Build Your Community 🤝

Subscribe to your favorite channels and watch your fanbase grow! Our platform is all about building connections and sharing your passion with like-minded creators. Get ready to be inspired and inspire others.

Remix & Collaborate 🎭

Remix, Remix, Remix.  Now you can remix posts from other creators and let others remix your content too. It's all about celebrating creativity and adding your personal touch to create something truly unique.

Private Messaging for Closer Connections 💬

Stay connected with your Flipside friends with the private messaging system. Chat, plan collaborations, or just catch up — making connections has never been easier.

Audio Browser & Controller 🎵

Bring your stories to life with the perfect soundtrack! The audio browser offers a built-in library full of music, voices, and sound effects. Plus, our audio controller lets you trigger these sounds in your recordings, including looping audio for musicians and powering your character’s voice.

Flipside Studio users can now collaborate, reimagine, and engage with each other’s content like never before!

Download the newest version now for your Meta Quest 2, 3, and Rift S VR headsets!

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Remember to share your creations with #MadeInFlipside and join our Flipside Studio Community Discord channel to connect with other creators, share ideas, and get the latest updates.

Keep creating and stay connected!

📝Read Our Release Notes

Find all of the information from this update here.

🤠It’s time to choose your adventure!

Are you ready for the wild wild west? Check out “The Outlaw!” This new feature is a Western edition of a choose-your-own-adventure, and you can find it in Flipside Studio. Yeehaw!

📚Flipside for Education

It's back-to-school time, and we know that instructors are getting geared up to provide future innovators with the skills they need to succeed. Are you an educator interested in using Flipside in the classroom? Join our educators' mailing list and let us know.

🙌Thanks For Your Feedback

Thanks to everyone who notified us of bugs and shared feature requests! We love the ideas and appreciate when you share your feedback.



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