Get early access to sharing and remixing in Flipside Studio!

- by Rachael

Flipside Studio Early Access is here!

We’re thrilled to invite next-gen creators to join Flipside Studio's Early Access release. It’s a new era in immersive creation.

Early Access participants can create, watch, and share fun and exciting posts with the virtual reality community and even remix them by adding their own elements. Whether it's a quick dance, an elaborate theatrical performance, or even a special remix of a shared post, all you need is a Meta Quest 2 or Rift S headset and some imagination to become a Flipside Studio creator.
We can't wait to see what you create! Our mission is to enable everyone to perform and share immersive experiences with the world.  

Early Access is available to all next-gen creators and their fans who have a Meta Quest 2 or Rift S. 


📋Get the most out of Flipside Studio Early Access

Easy content sharing is available in Flipside Studio Early Access where you can create, watch posts, remix content, and more! Welcome to the public early access launch of this new tool! Here’s what’s included: 

  • Get started: Set-up your public profile in the Dashboard and connect with your immersive audience.
  • Create content: Publish and share your spatial recordings for viewers to experience in Flipside Studio. 
  • View posts: See immersive posts in VR from Early Access users in the Flipside Studio community and get inspired!
  • Audio controller: Bring music, sound effects, and even use audio clips as your character’s voice using the new audio controller. We provide a library of built-in sounds and you can also import your own through the Creator Portal.
  • Add your flair: Remix Creator’s videos to make your own creations. 

Visit to sign up. 

📚Flipside for Education

It's back-to-school time, and we know that instructors are getting geared up to provide future innovators with the skills they need to succeed. Are you an educator interested in using Flipside in the classroom? Join our educators' mailing list and let us know.

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🔌Connect with community

We’d love to welcome you to the Flipside Studio Community Discord channel where you can connect with other creators, share your #MadeInFlipside creations, submit feature requests, and share bug reports.

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