Flipside Studio update 2023.1.7 - Hide, mute, and delete parts, new avatars and sets, and more!

- by Rachael

🙈Hide, 🙊mute, and 🗑️delete parts!

We love seeing what you do with multipart recording and this update includes improvements to this feature!  We’ve added the ability to hide, mute, and delete parts in an existing recording! This means you can modify existing recordings to add, remove, or redo parts. This update makes it easier to build your perfect scene!

🤝New sets!

Our new Meet and Greet set is perfect for your VR creations. Check out this double feature! We loved using the Meet and Greet sets following the release of these two major blockbusters.

It’s a Barbie-Oppenheimer World! Give these sets a try, share using #MadeInFlipside, and let us know if you’re #TeamBarbie or #TeamOppenheimer!

🥕Congrats to our Winner!

Comedic carrot wins it all! Congratulations to Bill Eckman, winner of the AI Script creator contest. His video, Can Vegetables Be Funny, made us laugh and was a great showcase of the AI Script creator tool, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Thank you to everyone who entered a video in the contest!

🔖What’s included in this Flipside Studio update?

Improvements to multipart recording: We’ve added the ability to hide, mute and delete parts in an existing recording.

New sets and characters: We’ve got Meet and Greet sets and a Balloon wall set for you to create with. And an additional 100 avatars will help tell your story!

Bug fixes and improvements: 

  • Cameras added during a recording no longer get duplicated during playback
  • Improvements to audio consistency when adding parts
  • Fix to issues with updating sets
  • Fixed a case where a user could get stuck in a chair and appear to be planking

Read our release notes here.

Thanks to everyone who notified us of bugs! 

Thanks to everyone who shared feature requests! We love the ideas!

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