Flipside Studio 2023.1.3

- by Rachael

More new features, a new set, and the ability to upload visuals directly to your slideshow!

📹Sharing Tutorial

This is our most requested tutorial so we’re sharing it again. You can also find this tutorial in our in-app help menu! Learn how to get your content out of Flipside Studio so you can share it on social media, in presentations, and more!

🎉Celebrate your creativity!

Don’t forget to use #MadeInFlipside when you share online and tag @flipsidexr so we can give you a shout out! Thank you to Twitter user @7irovoice for sharing - we love seeing what you create!

📍New set!

We’re setting the stage with the newest Flipside Studio update! You’ll find a new Lounge set ready for you in the app! 🎤

👋User Feature

ChatGPT is a unique tool to develop scripts and creative ideas! ⌨️

WhatEver Films & Photography used ChatGPT artificial intelligence to write out the entire script and story of “Sense of Adventure.” They used Flipside Studio to turn the script into a video, which they shared on YouTube. 

How will you use AI to develop script ideas?

🔖What’s included in this Flipside Studio update?

Prop locking: This new feature allows users to lock props, making set dressing much easier.

Camera settings:  Your camera speed, movement, and shake settings are now reflected in Flipside Broadcaster.

Upload visuals to use in your slideshow:  You can now upload your slideshow photos and videos directly to a project through the Creator Portal!

Read our release notes here.

Thanks to everyone who notified us of bugs! 

Thanks to everyone who shared feature requests! We love the ideas!

🔌Connect with community

We’d love to welcome you to the Flipside Studio Community Discord channel where you can connect with other creators, share your #MadeInFlipside creations, submit feature requests, and share bug reports.

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