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Watch T3r Elemento's new music video made in Flipside

- by John Luxford

We spent the last four weeks collaborating with DEL Records on an animated music video for T3r Elemento's new single "En Menos De Un Minuto". The single is out today and you can watch the video here:

This project was made from start to finish in just four weeks, including:

  • Developing the concept
  • Creating custom characters for all five band members
  • Creating and integrating all of the sets and props like their musical instruments
  • Building our new Director Mode and imported cameras, which made certain shots possible
  • Shooting and acting out the whole thing
  • Integrating canned character animations for some shots
  • Motion graphics and compositing Flipside footage into After Effects
  • DEL Records finished the video with a superb edit and added special effects 

This was a great test of what Flipside can do as a real-time animation tool for filmmaking, and we learned a ton of things that we'll be sharing in future posts and also using to make Flipside even better.


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