Flipside Studio is dead, long live Flipside! The social media platform for next-gen creators and their fans

- by Lux

Flipside is so much more than a virtual TV studio – it’s the first social media platform built around pure creativity and imagination.

We’ve come a long way from being a virtual TV studio for spatial content creation. Today we’re announcing Flipside Studio is now simply called Flipside.

With creator channels and social sharing features built right in, Flipside is now a full-blown metaverse social media platform where next-gen creators can post their spatial recordings to their channels to share with their fans.

We’ve heard from many Flipside creators, and the message is clear: Creators need a way to reach their fans directly, not just on other social platforms, where they can only show a window into their spatial creations.

Today, we’re saying loud and clear: We hear you, and that’s exactly what Flipside is moving forward.

To be clear, all of the Flipside Studio features like our camera switcher are sticking around. Flipside will always excel at producing 2D content for cross-promotion on other platforms, but our vision is to help creators build a following that can interact directly with their spatial and immersive content.

Introducing Flipside tokens

Tokens are the virtual currency of Flipside. They provide a way to pay for virtual goods or premium features, but more importantly, they provide a way for creators to generate revenue from their Flipside content.

Our mission is to help creators build sustainable channels where they can earn real money from their content. That’s why we’re introducing creator payouts from day 1 in our token system. When you reach the payout threshold, visit the Flipside Creator Portal and click on the Request Payout button. It’s that easy.

Tokens are currently limited to paying for our AI integrations and sending tips to your favourite channels, but we will be expanding the program to include many new ways for creators to earn tokens over time.

Click here to learn more about our Flipside token program

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🙌Thanks For Your Feedback

Thanks to everyone who notified us of bugs and shared feature requests! We love the ideas and appreciate when you share your feedback.



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