real-time animation and motion capture

Flipside Studio is the world's first virtual TV/film studio for live real-time motion capture of animated content. Flipside Studio enables multi-actor motion capture productions that can be exported to work in traditional 3D animation pipelines or streamed live to audiences on Twitch, YouTube, and others.

Using Flipside Creator Tools, content creators can upload custom environments, characters and add game-engine lighting, cameras, and props.

Use our peer-to-peer networking features to allow teams to work together in the same studio space or leverage the power of client/server networking to invite a collaborator from across the globe.

Retarget and export all motion capture data from full-body suites or from off-the-shelf VR hardware into any 3D application of choice to allow animators to polish and extend the performances.

Act first, write later. Improvisers and actors can explore dialogue, scene structure and character blocking while they embody their virtual characters. Export the results for refinement and polish.

Perform in character and interact with audiences using our integrated chat tools. Create the next generation of live animated content streamed live from Flipside Studio.

When the internal VR microphone doesn’t cut it, connect a professional microphone to Flipside Studio to improve quality. We record 16-bit audio at 24 Khz.

Flipside Studio Case Study

German broadcaster SuperRTL leveraged the power of Flipside Studio to rapidly prototype Detectiv Fips, a kids show that is currently streaming weekly on Toggo, the largest online kids platform in Germany.

Flipside Labs, our in-house production team, worked closely with SuperRTL to model, rig, and integrate Detective Fips into Flipside Studio. An actor played the role of the lead character and gave life to a new animated kids show.

Before SuperRTL officially greenlit the project they tested it with their target audience and discovered that kids resonated with the performance and character.

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