create custom content for Flipside Studio

Working alongside Unity 3D, the Flipside Creator Tools are used to add interactivity and customizations to content produced in Flipside Studio.

Integrate 3D sets, characters, and props into Flipside Studio using the Creator Tools. We support all the 3D file formats that are compatible with Unity 3D like FBX and OBJs.

Map blendshapes, sprites, or bones to power your character’s facial expressions and lip-sync.

Que a rainstorm, change the time of day, or activate pre-canned animations using our interactive triggers.

Want to make a real-time animated game show? Create simple games within your animated content and allow remote guests to compete for fun using the scoreboard and gamification tools.

Case study: Caffeine Studios

Caffeine Studios produces original content for Caffeine, a live streaming platform focused on audience interaction. Their lofty goal was to produce an hour of original animated content per week with new characters every week and an ever evolving number of sets, vehicles, props, and interactive gags. Oh, and it was all done live.

Sets, characters, and props were integrated into Flipside Studio using Flipside Creator Tools. They took advantage of online libraries from DAZ 3D, Turbo Squid, SketchFab, and Google Poly. They used Unity 3D’s lighting, cameras, shaders, and materials to give the production the look they wanted. They managed to produce 48 episodes in 48 weeks and harnessed the flexibility of the Flipside Creator Tools.

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Setup and import custom characters into Flipside Studio.
Create interactive sets for your immersive show productions.
Import motion capture data as Unity or Blender animations.

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